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Hello and Welcome! was developed by Kristine Franklin after a year of podcasting and another year and a half of daily Catholic Radio. She wanted to fill a gap – the gap between apologetics and theology, and the how-to of actually living a faithful, fruitful, joyful life. Kristine will take you on a learning adventure with stories and articles, scripture and Church teaching, and by answering the real-life questions of people like you.

How do I forgive? How do I love my wife just the way she is? How do I make friends? Is it possible to get free from anxiety? How can I be less controlling? How can I improve my prayer life? How can I be the best possible parent? Does God really love me, just the way I am? How do I get through suffering? If you’re asking these questions, the Catholic Faith has the answers. Feed your heart, mind and soul with Hello and Welcome!

You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

John 8:32


Kristine Franklin was raised fundamentalist, graduated from a well-known Evangelical university, and served as an Evangelical missionary for three years. During her time as a missionary she began to ask important theological questions – questions that could not be answered by her childhood faith. In 1995 Kristine and her family were received into the Catholic Church with great joy.

Since that time Kristine has worked as an evangelist, apologist, writer, podcaster and radio personality. She co-hosted two series on EWTN, had her own daily show on Immaculate Heart Radio, and has been interviewed on numerous national radio shows. Kristine speaks at conferences and retreats. Her teaching is always 100% faithful to the Catholic Faith. Kristine has the approval and blessing of her bishop to carry out this apostolate. Kristine can be reached here.